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Our project, involving countries from TR, IT, PL, SK and ES aims to promote students’ awareness of a healthier lifestyle in connection with healthy eating habits and sports activities. The basic idea is to establish a partnership based on developing and applying the transfer of good practices between schools. It also has an innovative character, which consists of actively involving schools in the long-term process of decreasing obesity and increasing an active lifestyle by implementing the results of the projects in our regions. 2 outputs,  "Healthy foods and nourishment information for School Canteens", "Recommendations for improving participation in sports at school" will be produced.  We will use existing data, do further research, observe, study, in order to create better and effective (usable) ways for students to develop as a healthy generations, who live healthier and practise sports in daily life.

Obesity is one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century. Its prevalence has tripled in many countries of the WHO European Region since the 1980s, and the numbers of those affected continue to rise at an alarming rate, particularly among children. In addition to causing various physical disabilities and psychological problems, excess weight drastically increases a person’s risk of developing a number of communicable diseases (NCDs), including cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. The risk of developing more than one of these diseases (co-morbidity) also increases along with body weight.

Studies show that many children become obese due to their eating habits and lifestyle (fast food and lack of exercise). Healthy food and exercise however can be seen as key basics for a good and balanced life. Matching these findings, it is obvious that the most pressing necessity is to foster students' understanding of the concept of healthy nourishment and daily exercise since early stages, at school, where the roots for the future life are established and developed.

The present needs of all partners reflect the current situation at European level. We have already started the process of research and each partner school has found the following rates of OBESITY PROBLEM (OP) and LACK OF REGULAR SPORTS (RS)

TR Partner School - 25% of pupils OP, 40% RS

IT Partner  School - 20% OP, 45% RS

PL Partner School - 25% OP, 50% RS

SK Partner School - 27% OP, 35% RS

ES Partner School - 20% OP, 35% RS

Therefore, the problems stemming from unhealthy lifestyle are indeed pressing. Another interesting finding is that most of these students come from families with fewer opportunities. All these physically and financially challenged teenagers will be placed at the center of all stages of project implementation.

We intend to organize four L/T/T/Activities with the following subtopics.





Every exchange will have one subtopic as agenda to study and organize activities. We will have two coordinator meetings (M1/M2) one at the beginning and one at the end in Turkey.


The main objective of the project  is to inform students on rules of a safe and correct nutrition and suggest healthy dishes that can combat the desire to eat fast-food. Also, at institutional level, we intend to impose  a change in the menus of school canteens. Students themselves will create an info-book containing photos, descriptions and nutritional values of their favourite dishes in line with their traditional cuisine.

Other objectives include:

- to promote sports as a strategy for being healthy, thus developing a lifelong active lifestyle

- to impose a long-term policy of schools in dealing with the problem of obesity and unhealthy eating habits

- to support social inclusion and prevention of discrimination

- to encourage the learning of modern foreign languages

- to develop knowledge  among students and teachers of the diversity of European cultures

- to improve pupils' sport and social skills.


This project will be carried out transnationally because we developed a strong synergy among partners. This year will be the second when we have applied and cooperated to improve the application. We are therefore convinced that we will run a very effective project and will achieve all the objectives and results through the activities we proposed. The students with obesity problems and with the risk of obesity will meet face to face with their peers from other countries, become aware of the similarities and differences between cultures, learn other languages, taste different dishes. All this will help them gain a new vision of life and improve their self-awareness as European citizens, improve their communication, social and interpersonal skills. Healthy eating habits and active lifestyle will be the common thread that will unite them in their common endeavour..

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